One Never Knows What You Will See When You Least Expect :)


This post is a continuation to my "picture of the day" post earlier.

I went for a walk yesterday looking for song birds and hoping to see a bird I haven't photographed before for my Picture of the Day. I walked along and took some photos. There was this one crow that landed on the top part of a tree just outside of where I stood and was squawking very loudly. I stood there watching him for a few minutes and then he flew off, all the while squawking loudly. He flew over to another section of the forest where I couldn't really see him, but could sure hear him. So I continued on after a little bit, when his squawking seemed to settle and everything was back to the normal bird sounds and rustling of the leaves.
I turned the corner. I could hear this unusual bird call which I was curious to find what it was. It was a very pretty sound. While looking for it in the trees and branches and not seeing it, all of a sudden I could hear crows again. This time it was more than one. They were very loud and causing quite the commotion. I quickly turned around and followed the sound of the crows. After a few minutes, I could see a couple of crows flying back and forth around an area in the forest. I took a closer look as I stepped in. Within a moment, something flew out of a tree. I only got a glimpse of the back of the bird, but it was brown. My first thought was, "that's not a crow" and moved forward more to try to see where it went. As I moved forward, I could see something flying around with the crows following closely, squawking all the while. Then I saw it. It was a juvenile Great Horned Owl. He flew to different places every few minutes to get away from the crows, then on the last fly, I didn't see him but did see a crow fly off. I waited to see if the owl would fly again, but didn't see any movement. So after a while, I decided to leave as I thought the excitement was over :) I turned to go and as I turned around, I saw something at my eye level about 60 to 100 feet in front of me. I raised my camera to look through my lens and saw it. The owl! I started taking pictures and then put down the camera, smiling and talking softly to him. I move about 6 feet around some bushes and as I did this, he flew off. I thought he was gone. But when I looked around, he had actually moved closer towards me on another tree! I was amazed. He was no more than 30 feet in front of me now. At first when he noticed me looking at him, he hunched down against a branch as if to try to hide his location. I still continued to talk to him and as I did, he stood up and looked at me again moving his head in different angles. It was like he knew I wasn't a threat. I continued to talk to him and he seemed to stay there listening (maybe it was just After another few minutes, the crows came back and started harassing him again and he flew off.
Below are the series of photos I took from the first time I saw him to just seconds before he flew off the last time.


I hope you enjoy this as much as I did being there in the midst of it all. I was at the right place at the right time and it was by sheer coincidence that I saw him, and even bigger one, that I was able to get photos of him as I sure wasn't expecting this yesterday :) Sometimes you just get lucky and things happen right in front of you :)