More of the Sheffield Bald Eagles (Eagle Watch) 2017

We drove down to Sheffield Mills, NS on Jan 27 (Friday) and stopped in to see if there was anything happening with the eagles before the weekend. When we arrived, the eagles were all in the trees. We waited for quite some time before any of the eagles came down to investigate the food, and it was cold. We nearly froze our fingers and toes But once one or two came in, the rest were not long to follow, and one by one, they all swooped in to grab their share. The day had a bit of sun, but mostly cloudy with some snow falling. But the snow made for some interesting shots :) Of course, anywhere you have a group of eagles gathered together, there are always bickering and squabbles over food and thievery is in their nature. So this made the 20 minutes of action interesting to watch.

There will be "just a few more" we will be putting up every little bit on the eagles of Sheffield, their behaviours, interactions, expressions, etc.

Although there was a bit of a disruption with the eagles that weekend by a few people going beyond the pylons put out by the organizers and going out into the field and trees, we were still able to get to view them and capture some great images.

More to come...

Canon 5D Mk lV & Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM + Canon 1.4x lll teleconverter –  @560mm, 1/2000, f8, ISO 1600-6400, +1 exposure compensation.

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