"Coming At You" (the photo story)

Continuing on my Picture of the Day post on July 18, 2016, "Coming At You". A little background on how we came about with naming the juveniles. One of our eagle watchers named them according to their colouring. One of the eagles is a darker colour and not as much white (down) mixed in the feathers, so she was named D'eagle (short for dark eagle). The other one being lighter in colour, more of a medium brown with more white (down) mixed in the feathers on the chest area, was named L'eagle (short for lighter eagle).

Here are the shots I took that morning of D'eagle when she started her flight towards me and ended up in the woods. It was a matter of 6 seconds (according to my camera settings) from the time she was just standing there with an indication of raising her wings to the time she disappeared into the trees.

In these photos, it was 4 seconds from the time she started raising her wings (third photo), to the last photo I posted below. In the last 3 photos, she was so close that I had a hard time keeping her in the frame as she flew by. She started out directly in front of me and then did an abrupt turn to her left to end up on my right, which filled the frame. It all happened so quickly, but wow, what an experience :)

I will be sharing the day before when we found her in the woods as well later :) Stay tuned.....