Battle For Territory - Canada Geese

The other day, while we were out on one of our outings, we checked one of our local ponds and saw a few geese hanging out on the water. It was quite peaceful for a little bit, and then it began......the battle over territory. Two geese were swimming over to the left side of the pond, when one goose flew in to voice it's concern to them. He landed a few feet from the first goose (you can see the water splash where the goose took off out of the way in the first photo). Then the goose that got out of the way decided that he was not going quietly. He then turned to the goose that landed close to them, and started squawking at him and then the chase was on........You can see the series of photos below on the battle as it unfolded from both Roger and I.  It was quite humorous to Feel free to share :)